Fix Auto Back Problem in Free Fire Max After OB43 Update

Fix Auto Back Problem in Free Fire Max: Free Fire India Game is a well-known Battle Royal Game that was revealed in 2017 in such a way that it has become the first choice of players in online games. Whether it is a child or someone doing a job, the game targets the young generation of all revolutionary ages. It does not only provide good gameplay but also numerous in-game merits.

Which Is The New Problem In Free Fire 2024?

Day by day, some such problems related to free fire games keep coming up, so the players are not able to play the game and access the game to some extent, recently, after the OB43 update. Following the Launch of the Free Fire Max OB43 update, such a unique issue is coming out due to which almost every third free-fire player is facing this problem, so in this right, readers will get to know about this problem that is The Auto Back Problem during matchmaking and will also get to know how to solve it.

What Is the Auto Back Problem In Free Fire?

The new issue faced in the free-fire game is the auto-back problem. After the OB43 Update in free fire, you must have faced the auto back issue, but still, we would like to tell those who have not faced it that this issue originated when you start any mode to make matchmaking.

After pressing your start button, a loading interface appears where the loading progress stops at 99, and the bar cannot be completed. Until Progress Bar is 100% complete, no particular mode will begin, so players cannot enter the mode. Something similar is an auto-back issue in which the player is sent back to the lobby before playing any mode before playing any mode.

Simply put, the Auto Back Problem Issue in Free Fire is an issue in which players can not access any mode. They are thrown back to the lobby instead of entering the mode, and when they try to restart the other mode, the same goes on again. Due to the auto back issue, one can not play the match efficiently. Moreover, another issue is connected to the auto back issue, which is a bug that originates while you are playing the game.

In the mid-game, any trigger would stop working while you are spectating someone. The issue is also seen as typical these days. In any upcoming post, we will share the complete guide to solving such an issue again, so be tuned and move ahead to get the solution to the auto back problem.

Most players think that the issue originated after the OB43 Update, but this is not so; the matter is something else, and the real reason behind it is also something else mentioned in the paragraph below with details.

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Why Auto Back Problem In Free Fire Originate?

Although it is claimed that the auto back problem seems to be due to the patch update in the free fire game has and thus, the root of this problem is the OB43 update. But for your information, this is not the case at all, and the complete information is given below.

In the free fire game, when we got an update of OB43, at the same time, the work for the 5G network was going on with noise, due to which 5G spectrum was being installed in every small area. The server of the free-fire game is optimized for the 4G spectrum. After some time, the server of the free fire game will also be optimized on 5G networks, but due to the lack of a stable 5G network, there is a problem like auto back in the free fire game.

This means that the root of the auto-back problem in the free-fire game is an Unstable 5G Network, and if this unstable network is eliminated, then the problem of auto-back in the free-fire game could be solved. Your players will think that it is not possible to do so, and in the free-fire game, problems like Auto Ban can not be easily removed, but that is not the case; our team has researched it and found an effective solution for which the complete guide has been stated below.

How To Fix Auto Back Problem In Free Fire After The OB43 Update?

Fix Auto Back Problem in Free Fire Max After OB43 Update
Fix Auto Back Problem in Free Fire Max

As we have mentioned? The problem of auto back in free fire game is due to the instability of the network, so players can modify their 5G network and make their internet connection stable by following the following step-by-step guide.

  • First of all, players have to launch the settings of their device
  • Now players have to come to SIM card & Mobile Network
  • Now, from here, you have to select the SIM in which the 5G network is enabled, and you use the same sim’s internet to play the free Fire game
  • When you open the network setting, you will see an option by the name Preferred Network Type; you must click on it.
  • Here, you will have three or four different options, out of which you have to click on the 4G (preferred)/3G/2G tab and make it your default setting.
  • Because we have told you that the server of the free fire game is optimized for a 4G network, you have connected a stable 4G internet connectivity to your device.
  • Now, you can go to the game, select any mode, and start playing. We bet that problems like Auto Back would not be faced again.

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The Auto Back Problem In Free Fire After OB43 is due to the instability of the 5G network, and we have shared a remedy with you about How to Fix the Auto Back Problem in Free Fire Max 2024, which is effective.

Hopefully, you would have found the most effective solution by following the step-by-step guide and as a result, players would have been able to play free-fire games with no problems like auto back. Thus, be connected with us for such valuable tips and tricks.

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