Fix Lag Problem In Free Fire Max After OB43 Update

Fix Lag Problem In Free Fire Max After OB43 Update: The Free Fire Max, and Free Fire India game is known around the world for their top-class mechanism and algorithm and players can spend their time playing the most deserving battle royale game, The Free Fire. This is a Battle Royale genre game that targets players under the division of action shooter Mode.

There is no doubt that players would like to play such a game to most of their extent, but recently something has happened that the free-fire game is in the limelight due to negative reviews.

What Is The New Issue In Free Fire Max?

This is because in the free fire game, after the OB43 update, the players are getting to see a lot of lag problems and if they wanted to play the game, then they have to face more lags compared to before. In this post, you will get to know about the Lagging Problem In Free Fire Game After the OB43 Update and also about the possible ways to eliminate it permanently.

What Is the Lagging Problem In Free Fire Max?

First of all, we would like to make you aware that in the free fire game, it is evident that your device will face lagging if it is a low-end, but what if despite being a hard-core device, such lag problem gets originated? The same is going on with numerous players and it is been claimed that this lag issue has originated after the update of OB43. Thus, let’s get a fact check on it and also look for an appropriate solution to the lagging problem.

This problem is not a common problem, but you must be facing it if you launch the game. This problem can be of multiple types but most primarily, the problem is been seen on highly capable devices. However, you mustn’t know about the effective solution for the lagging issue in Free Fire, thus we have brought you some guides with the help of which you could easily solve the lagging issue in the game Free Fire Max.

How To Fix Lag Problem In Free Fire Max?

Fix Lag Problem In Free Fire Max After OB43 Update
Fix Lag Problem In Free Fire Max

Although there are many ways to eliminate the lag problem in the free-fire game, the problem that is being seen nowadays has a solution that is hardly on the Internet today, which will prove to be effective.

We have come out with a unique technique by doing complete research that has the potential to eliminate the lag problem in Free Fire Max permanently. You can access this technique through the following steps and if you apply them, then with a guarantee, all the lagging in the free fire game on your device will be solved.

The first way to eliminate the lag problem in the free fire game is the normal method and perhaps it will work in your device when you are already getting to see a lag gameplay in the free fire game. However it may also solve your problem, but in case if not solved, you can take the help of the 2nd and 3rd methods.

  • Open the Free Fire Max Game
  • Now go to it’s settings
  • From here, just go to the display tab
  • Now apply all the customized values in the settings as stated ahead
  • Graphic – Smooth
  • High Res – Normal
  • Shadow – Off’
  • Filter – Classic 
  • High FPS – Normal
  • After applying all these values, just start matchmaking and if the issue is normal, it will have been solved
  • Launch the settings of your device.
  • Go to the developer tab.
  • Now you have to look for a tab named animation scale (if not visible, try searching for it or enabling the developer option by going to settings > about the phone and then click at least 7 times on the software version after which the developer mode would be enabled.  
  • Once you have found the animation scale setting, click on it (all 3 options respectively).
  • After clicking on it, just select the 0.5X tab out of 3 options and here you go.
  • Now finally, you will see that there is a deduction of lag problem while playing the game.

If both methods would not prove to be useful you can take a 3rd and most effective method into existence. The third method says using GFX can highly impact your gameplay once activated. So below is the most impactful guide to using GFX effectively.

To use the GFX tool, first of all, players would need to download it, install it, and then follow the instructions below.

Steps To Download & Install The Best GFX Tool

  • Open the Play Store on your device
  • Now search for GFX Tool – Game Booster
  • Download the same application on your device
  • Now let it be completely downloaded and soon it would be installed automatically.

Steps To Use GFX Tool Effectively

  • Soon after the GFX Application is installed, launch it
  • Now you have to allow all the access
  • Now choose the game variant
  • Tap on resolution and then choose the option that is slightly lower than your device’s capability or 650*450
  • Open the graphics tab and select the minimum quality or so smooth
  • Now tab on the FPS drop-down arrow and choose the minimum FPS option or just click on 30 FPS
  • Now tap on the Style drop-down arrow and then tap on Classic
  • Now tap on the Graphics API and then choose Open GL2.0
  • Now check the box remember my setting
  • At the very top, there would be a toggle, just enable it
  • Now click on apply and begin your game
  • Remember the settings and if disabled, use the same once again for an anti-lag problem gaming performance.


Through the article, all the readers would have got to know about a lag problem in the free fire game. Apart from this, you have also been provided with a permanent solution to eliminate it, and hope that all these guides will help solve the lag problem effectively so that you will be able to play your game well. Kindly be connected for more helpful tips regarding issues in various games.

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